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Welcome Atlassian admins and users! Our Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence courses are self-paced and include video lessons, homework, and a quiz to test and reinforce understanding.  There’s even a course certificate for your portfolio or resume!

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Jira Service Management: Administration

Jira Service Management takes service and support to the next level with queues, SLAs, a simple interface for your customers, and integration with Confluence as a knowledgebase. In this course, you’ll learn how to set up and administer Jira Service Management so customers can create requests, support agents can provide the help users need, and leadership can measure effectiveness.

Jira: Advanced Administration

In this course, we’ll focus on the configuration areas you use most. My goal is not just for you to understand the settings but to be able to make smart decisions when creating or changing them. Knowing the best way to solve a problem and how it will impact your application in the future is the difference between a good administrator and a great one. For each section, I’ve included the most important things to know, best practices, and my personal tips so you can avoid all the mistakes I’ve made over the years. Don’t miss the challenges, quizzes, downloadable handouts, and some personal stories scattered throughout the course.

Jira: Basic Administration

Jira: Basic Administration

This course includes the top 5 things every Jira admin needs to know like: adding users, creating projects, editing workflows, and troubleshooting common permission and notification problems. Learn how Jira is used, which type you have, the responsibilities of an administrator, how to access the most used admin areas, and how to set up a test environment so you can experiment without impacting production data.

Learning Jira Cloud and Learning Jira Server

Learning Jira (Cloud Edition)
Learning Jira (Server Edition)

This course teaches you everything you need to get started with Jira.

Learn how to navigate the dashboard, view your project list, and drill down for details. See how to create and edit issues, estimate the time and effort, and search with JQL. Also, generate useful reports by creating filters, dashboards, and boards. Finally, adjust your personal preferences so that Jira works best for you.

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Jira Service Management: Administration

Admin Courses

Advanced topics for Jira administrators

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Coming Soon!  Jira Strategy Admin Course
This course dives deep into the content in the Jira Strategy Admin Workbook and helps you develop and implement your own strategies. Get notified when this course is available.

User Courses

Application introductions for Jira, Jira Service Desk, and Confluence end users


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